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Car Rental Airport Katowice Pyrzowice

The international airport is located in Pyrzowice, 30 km from Katowice. The airport has one of the longest runways in Poland with a length of 3,200 m and a width of 45 m, it was commissioned in May 2015. It officially uses the name "Katowice Airport" and is ranked fourth in the country taking into account the number of flight operations and the number of passengers served. Annually 5.5 million people are checked in, thanks to the entry of low-cost airlines, mainly Hungarian Wizz Air lines. The largest increase in passenger traffic occurred in 2009, however, the subsequent economic slowdown stopped this trend.

Pyrzowice has the largest number of charter connections after Chopin Airport. That is why the service for car rental Katowice Pyrzowice airport is very well developed here. At the airport there are special places where the traveler can pick up the reserved vehicle or give it already rented earlier. Temporary rental offers are very comprehensively prepared, they are tailored to the needs of passengers. Not one rental car Katowice airport Pyrzowice has vehicles from various segments, the best global brands - limousines, vans and vans. Competent and helpful employees, ready to solve any problem, quickly carry out the travel through the formalities related to renting.

And as you know at the airport everyone is in a hurry. Very good service rate and positive opinions borrowing this standard, which the car rental Katowice airport Pyrzowice, should be able to boast. Like every airport in Poland, also Katowice has a history dating back to the years of World War II, because in these times air traffic was developing. The first owners of the airport were German soldiers and fulfilled the role of transhipment of military materials from Nazi Germany. After the end of the war, missile aircraft were tested at the airport, in the years 1945-1951 the airport was in the possession of the Red Army. The civilian movement began only in 1966, operated by LOT Polish Airlines.

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