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Car Rental Bochnia

Bochnia is a historical town located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, on the Raba River, close to Krakow and Wieliczka. In the old times, Wieliczka together with Bochnia created a joint salt mine, the oldest excavation in the country - salt is the main wealth of this part of Poland. Today, the salt mine is a tourist attraction, no advanced underground works are carried out here. It is visited on wagons 300 m underground, while the return route is on foot. The proximity of Krakow resulted in the development of business for the rental of Bochnia cars. Rentals offer different vehicle segments, which allows you to choose the optimal option for visitors to Bochnia, taking into account the needs and financial possibilities. Necessary formalities can be arranged in 15 minutes, and when we talk with nice and specific employees who provide professional service, this is an additional advantage that almost every Bochnia rental company should be able to boast of. We often need a vehicle not only for tourism, but also to use cars that are not available every day, luxury - the world's best brands. When choosing, it is worth suggesting opinions that are experienced by renting clients, which Bochnia car rental company offers clear lease terms and reasonable prices. When you check the salt mines on our tourist map, you can still visit the beautiful Niepołomicka Forest. Once it was an important hunting ground for the kings of Poland, among others for Kazimierz Wielki, Władysław Jagiełło, Zygmunt Stary and Stefan Batory. They were hunted on bears, wild boars, elks, bison and even wolves. An interesting object in Bochnia is the Antropoda Butterfly Museum, which is the largest exhibition of butterflies in Poland and has 4.5 thousand. specimens. The museum gives the opportunity to learn how butterflies function in many places around the world, how they learn and acquire abilities, and how individual butterfly species cope in different conditions. Extremely interesting place, recommendable and visit.

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