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Car Rental Brzesko

Brzesko is a beautiful, historical town in the Małopolska province, located east of Bochnia. It is famous mainly from Browar Okocim, which was built in the neighboring town of Okocim, but today it belongs to Brzeska territorially. In recent times, Brzesko has become more beautiful thanks to the work renovating the Market Square. The town has to offer tourists several attractions and sights that are worth seeing, eg using the Brzesko car rental offer. Today it is not difficult to rent a good car - neat, efficient, with full equipment, for long trips or short city rides.

Not one Brzesko car rental company is characterized by a high customer service culture, offers a reasonably priced rental, tailored to more or less demanding customers. Tourists expect transparent rules, quick service and a cheaper option. Such a Brzesko car rental in a small town, famous for one of the best breweries in Poland, is a hit. And it is worth seeing the Church of St. Jacob. It is a beautiful monument, part of which dates from the fifteenth century, built of brick and stone, decorated with Gothic altars, reflecting the unique atmosphere of this era. The restored Goetz palace from the end of the 19th century is also noteworthy, it is now a hotel base. Perfectly blended into the Brzesko landscape, Browar Okocim is a must-see tourist destination of the town.

It was founded in the 1930s, and became one of the largest brewing plants in Europe. In the Okocim square there is a monument to Jan Albin Goetz, son of the founder of the Brewery, Jan Ewangelist Goetz. It is best to go for walks to the beautiful Market Square, formed immediately after granting city rights in the fourteenth century, then acted as a market square, bringing together buyers from around the country and beyond. The center of the Market is decorated with the figure of Saint. Florian and is the largest figure in Lesser Poland. Brzesko is also a good starting point in the winter season, because the town has 2 routes of the ski lift. The slope is lit and constantly snowed, there is a ski school and equipment rental.

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