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Car Rental Busko Zdrój

Busko Zdrój is a picturesque town, known mainly for its health resort, is located in the beautiful Ponidzie region, famous for its gypsum rocks on the route Kielce-Tarnów, 90 km from the ancient royal castle. The most famous in Ponidzie are Jaskółcze Ogony, beautifully shining in the sun. Also in Busko Zdrój, you can admire them in the Zimne Wody Reserve. There are xerothermic vegetation and outflows from the rocks of cold springs. Extremely interesting views! The Busko-Zdrój health resort is based on unique mineral waters - sulphide-sulphide brines.

The main component of the water is the sulphide ion, which penetrates the blood into the bloodstream, reaching the body. Water baths are used to treat arthritis, diseases of the spine, discopathy, sciatica, diseases of the nervous system, as well as in post-traumatic and post-operative conditions, dermatological diseases. It is worth visiting Busko Zdrój, but not only because of the spa atmosphere of this place, also because it is surrounded by beautiful vegetation and you can take advantage of many attractions, for example using attractive offers for renting Busko Zdrój cars. When renting a car, it is worth checking the opinions of a given company first.

The best rental car Busko Zdrój stands out with its perfectly maintained fleet, professional staff, serving advice and fast service, and reasonable prices. Fully functional cars, constantly serviced and flexible rental conditions will surely meet the expectations of every tourist who wants to spend a nice weekend with friends or family. This is the standard nowadays for which Busko Zdrój car rental company can boast and stand out from the competition. There are many wonderful corners of the city to visit, the most important is the Spa Park leading to the Busko Market Square, where there is a beautiful fountain. On the route you can find interesting objects, including Dersław Castle, the Green Gallery or the bench of the literary Wojciech Belon, who died in Krakow, but he was buried in Busko.

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