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Car Rental Dębica

Dębica is a town in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship on the Wisłoka River and is an important center of the chemical and food industry. Since its inception, it was an important city on the trade route mainly on the way from Hungary to Sandomierz. In its rich history it has interesting monuments, but today Dębica is associated only with tires, also by foreign drivers. The development of industry was connected with the expansion of the port of Gdynia and the commercial fleet. In the 1930s, the production of rubber began, and the first tire was made in 1939.

The dynamic development of the rubber industry occurred in the post-war years when more and more people owned cars. Currently, the tire factory is one of the largest in the world and exports goods to six continents, to more than 60 countries. Every second Pole drives a car today on Dębica tires, and the plant enjoys great popularity in the world, it is one of the most recognizable Polish brands. With such a story must also be here well-developed car rental Dębica. The vehicle can be rented within 15 minutes, and the rich selection of luxury, urban or multi-person cars of the best global brands is an additional advantage that almost every Dębica car rental company has on offer.

Certainly, it is worth visiting Dębica, but we do not all need cars for tourist purposes, we often rent cars when we want to drive a nice car instead of using public transport. It is worth to follow the opinions of other people, which Dębica car rental offers the best conditions and reasonable prices. Sometimes short-term rental is not very profitable, so if you use this service sector, you can go beyond Dębica, to the village of Głobikowa, where there are 6 dinosaurs. You can admire the views by climbing the 20 meter high observation tower from which you can see our beloved Tatra Mountains. You can organize a family outing, because the youngest tourists have a playground, and during the rain barbecues are organized under a roof.

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