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Car Rental Gorlice

Gorlice is an interesting city in the Lesser Poland voivodeship, located between Nowy Sącz and Jasło. The highest peak of Gorlice is Łysa Góra (441 m above sea level). The city is located in the Ropa valley, which is why it is the main point on the Carpathian-Galician Oil Route. This region is the cradle of the oil industry, the trail was created to commemorate this fact. The famous oil lamp set on Węgierska Street in Gorlice is the first street lamp of its kind, invented by Ignacy Łukasiewicz, for the first time it was lit in 1854. Gorlice have a few sights that are worth seeing using the Gorlice car rental offer. Thanks to its location on the route Zator - Wadowice - Nowy Sącz - Gorlice - Biecz - Jasło - Krosno - Sanok - Medyka, there is not one Gorlice car rental company offering high quality services with friendly employees who advise and help in completing formalities.

The offers are even more attractive when favorable prices go hand in hand with a high level of service. Before we rent a car it is good to seek the opinion of Internet users or friends. The best car rental company Gorlice puts on safety and reliability and is associated with a well-groomed fleet and specialized staff. The most important attractions of the city include the Town Hall from the eighteenth century, rebuilt many times in later times. A bugle call "Beskid Echo" is heard from the tower of the town hall, which sounds every day at noon. It was in the walls of the town hall that the pharmacy of the inventor of the first oil lamp was located. Currently, the Municipal Office is located here. Gorlice has a noteworthy Art Gallery called Karwacjanów Manor - the building itself will delight with its beautiful architecture, perfectly blended with its surroundings. The museum collects historical collections, exhibits of art, ethnography, architecture and folk architecture as well as library collections. A wonderful oasis of greenery, beds and benches is the City Park. An interesting sight is a monument of lovers, they are two cuddling bears, especially liked by the youngest tourists. The park is surrounded by a didactic-natural pathway, bringing closer the history of flora, fauna and geology of the area.

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