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Car Rental Jasło

Jasło is a very beautiful city in the Podkarpackie Province, lying between Krosno and Gorlice. The city can boast of a medieval pedigree and several monuments worth seeing. To feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, it is worth thinking about the Jaslo car rental offer and decide to travel around the city. An interesting tourist point will be the collegiate church. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, now a brick church, but the first changes come from the fourteenth century, according to the chronicler Jan Długosz was built of wood. History did not spoil this building, because in 1944 it was set on fire by German troops, aiming at the total destruction of the city.

The city was destroyed then in 97%, and the church, despite the attempt to destroy it remained in its place, which is why it is an exceptionally valuable monument and at the same time one of the oldest in Jasło. Another monument that survived the war is the statue of Saint. John of Nepomuk, located on the Town Square, formed in the fourteenth century. Many historical buildings are remarkable, but forgotten and not visited, even by the residents of the city, for example, a cemetery chapel built on Romanesque style, fragments of walls at Bartłomiej Square, tenements on the town square, Regional Museum containing interesting exhibits related to folk art, collections archaeological and collections of paintings.

In the nineteenth century, a city park was created with an area of ​​2.2 hectares, in which a wooden gazebo with a tin figurine depicting the god of winds was built. A monument to Tadeusz Kościuszko was also erected in the park. The park was renovated only in 2005, changing the surfaces of avenues and introducing new vegetation. Many Jasło car rental companies have many service points, thanks to which the vehicle can be returned and picked up at a selected location. Rental costs are important, but the most important is the comprehensive service and staff who provide advice. If your rental car Jaslo meets all our expectations, offers attractive prices without hidden costs, we will certainly be satisfied, and well-groomed cars of the best brands will certainly be an additional advantage.

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