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Car Rental Kolbuszowa

Kolbuszowa is a small town in the Podkarpackie province, located near Rzeszów and Mielec. Come to this small town, its tourists offer interesting attractions, and in addition, nearby cities also encourage you to explore, such as the palace in Łańcut, which is an important tourist point in Europe. The unique palace and park complex consists of a castle, orangery, synagogue, riding hall and a coach house with a rich collection of horse carriages. To see Kolbuszowa and magical Łańcut, it is worth looking for an attractive offer for Kolbuszowa car rental. However, for lovers of active leisure Kolbuszowa created the ideal conditions for cycling, and on the route you can see great architectural and sacral objects, such as Skansen, the palace in Werynia or the "Zabłocie" nature reserve. However, after spending time actively, you can change from a bicycle to a luxury car.

The best Kolbuszowa car rental will ensure not only attractive rental prices, but also a safe and comfortable journey - no matter what brand and model of the car you choose. It is important to choose a vehicle suitable for urban outings or adapted for longer trips outside the city. In this, as cars are being prepared for rent, not one rental company Kolbuszowa is fighting for a client on the rent a car market. Noteworthy in Kolbuszowa is the Museum of Folk Culture - a little known tourist object, whose history touches everyone, because it was once a property of the Lubomirski family, in the walls of this place tragically perished Lucy Franciszka - the last of this family. Nature lovers are awaiting a lake in Wilcza Wola, in close proximity to Kolbuszowa, which was 20 years ago to serve as a retention reservoir. Today, however, it attracts water sports enthusiasts and anglers. At the lake, parking spaces, gazebos and fire seats were taken care of. The lake can be walked around the designated path of sightseeing and education, attracting numerous tourists and school trips.

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