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Car Rental Kraków airport Balice

Kraków - Balice airport is currently the second airport in Poland with the largest number of passengers checked in. The patron of the international Krakow airport is John Paul II. Kraków-Balice has a rich history and good prospects for rapid development, because it is situated on the line of the most important communication routes of Europe. The airport has come a long way from a small, only military airport, to the largest regional airport in the country. Balice received the name of the Holy Father because sometimes John Paul graced the airport with his presence during many pilgrimages. This is a good place for all companies offering car rental Krakow. The number of passengers served is increasing from year to year. In 2017, the airport has over 5.8 million customers.

Car rental Krakow Balice, which wants to attract tourists must create convenient rental conditions - the most important are reasonable prices as well as nice and competent employees who can help and fast service. The airports are mainly used by people for whom time is very important, which is why not one rental car Krakow Balice offers a comprehensive rental offer and many branches along the route of important transport hubs - these are not only airports, but also bus and train stations. The airport in Balice owes its great success to political and economic changes, first and foremost Poland's accession to the European Union. The result was the opening of airspace and the entry of cheaper carriers. The entry into the Schengen Agreement has forced many changes at the airport. The largest was the expansion of passenger area, new luggage stands and control points. After the changes, passenger traffic increased by 88.5 percent. The following years in history brought further development changes. 2006 was the year in which over 2 million passengers were served for the first time. A record number was recorded in 2013 and it reached over 3.6 million passengers.

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