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Car Rental Kraków

Krakow probably does not need to be presented or advertised for anyone to visit this historic city in the south of Poland. Krakow is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in our country. The capital of the Lesser Poland voivodship in every tourist, also abroad, arouses positive emotions and for a long time it leaves in mind the climate prevailing here, mainly the Kraków market, which is a showcase of the city. But also the medieval castle walls, a picturesque hill with the Wawel's cave, stretching into the Vistula river, the famous St. Mary's Church and the Cloth Hall, and lots of greenery are unforgettable moments.

It is difficult to speak separately about the tourist attractions of Krakow, because virtually the whole city is one big monument. speak here about individual monuments of Krakow, because actually almost the entire city is one big monument. The whole of Krakow is worth visiting by organizing a family walk or a car ride around the city. There is not one Krakow car rental company in the city that offers attractive terms of short-term or long-term rental. To have a good time in Krakow and to have nice memories of travel it is good to consider a few offers and decide whose car rental Krakow is a reasonable price, and cars neat and adapted to the prevailing weather conditions.

If a Krakow car rental company does not service its vehicles, and the opinions of customers are contradictory then we should skip such service providers. Krakow cares about its residents and visitors by offering a unique way of getting to know history. The famous Krakow Technology Route includes 16 facilities located in the central part of the city. Each of them has an interesting history and interesting architecture, which is difficult to get around without admiration. Like any tourist city, the relaxation zone is also well developed. The most popular is the Water Park, which is willingly visited by the population of south-eastern Poland. It has three pools with an area of ​​2 thousand. square meters, which makes it the largest water park in the country. There are many water attractions here, including the spa zone: hydromassages, whirlpools, counter currents and saunas.

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