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Car Rental Krosno

Krosno is an interesting town located in the Podkarpackie Province, at the mouth of Lubatówka to Wisłoka, in the Low Beskids. The city is called "parva Cracovia" which means "little Krakow". It owes this name to Market Square with cloth hall from the Renaissance, which is very similar to the Krakow Old Town. The Krośnik square is a showcase of the city, around it there are stately houses from various periods, often rebuilt and renewed. On the market square stands the Town Hall and an illuminated fountain in the shape of a flower that attracts the eyes of tourists. In close proximity to the Market Square, there is the Glass Heritage Center, which is definitely worth a visit.

To make traveling through Krosno run smoothly and comfortably you can think about the offer for renting cars Krosno. Safe and well-maintained vehicles, ensuring pleasant driving conditions and reasonable rental prices are the conditions that we usually follow, and even we have to be guided by the choice of a rental company, because not every Krosno car rental company provides such options, which nowadays should be standard in this service sector. It does not matter if we want to drive around the city, or we are preparing for long non-urban trips - there is no difference. The car rental company Krosno, which is highly regarded on the market, will provide rental car that will work in every situation.

The said Glass Center is the first and the only interactive tourist and cultural object in our country presenting the history of glassworks and glass art. Visiting this place, you can be fascinated with the world of glass, get to know many interesting things, the whole process of smelting, starting from pouring sand into the furnace, ending with the finished product. The center is prepared for active participation of tourists in creating glass, decorating and processing. And for the dessert await wonderful works of the greatest masters of glass art. Noteworthy are the Museum of Crafts, presenting craft products of south-eastern Poland and the Podkarpackie Museum for lovers of militaria.

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