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Car Rental Mielec

Mielec is a historical city located in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, on the Wisłoka River, only 60 km from the capital of the province - Rzeszów. The city has over 500 years of tradition. Since the 19th century, it has been a regional cultural and economic center. The Special Economic Zone "EURO-PARK MIELEC" was created in Mielec, which is an attractive region for investment, its aim is to employ thousands of employees, and the city is famous for its aviation, organization of multi-branch tragedies and the International Music Festival - devoted to classical music, prepared since 1998 In the summer season (July, August, September), it is worth visiting Mielec not only on the occasion of organized events, but also because it is a beautiful city with many monuments, you can take advantage of attractive offers for Mielec car rental. Hikers and business travelers they deserve to be able to rent a car without excess of signed documents and on fair, honest conditions.

There are times that the Mielec car rental company offers customers unprepared vehicles according to travel, and the terms of rent are not very transparent, so let us be careful, because it is a waste of time and money, for sightseeing The Mielec car rental company has several branches located in various parts of Poland. This option gives us the possibility of a comfortable and comfortable journey, because the rented car is returned or picked up in a convenient place for us. The city itself is conducive to a relaxing trip, and the obligatory tourist spot is the Palace of Counts Oborski, which since 2001 is the seat of the Regional Museum. Once it was an estate of this family, situated picturesquely on the Wisłoka River. It was created as a result of the destruction of the renaissance castle of Polish knights. After the reconstruction, he played an important architectural role in Mielec, because bourgeois houses were built on his model. The manor house gave the city charm and originality, it was an inspiration to create a painting and drawing art. Today, apart from museum exhibitions, various celebrations of the city authorities are organized, as well as weddings, because the palace is surrounded by beautiful greenery with numerous alleys and benches.

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