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Car Rental Nowy Sącz

Nowy Sącz is an interesting city with a rich history, located in the Lesser Poland voivodeship, at the foot of the Beskids, in the vicinity of Stary Sącz and Limanowa. The city is the main center of the picturesque Sądecki Land with Beskidy mountain peaks in the south and west and Lake Rożnowskie in the north. The lake is a beautiful water reservoir, created as a result of damming up the Dunajec river, which led to the construction of the Rożnów Power Plant. Nowy Sącz is a well-known city, famous for its culture and tradition, for many years it has fascinated tourists from all over the country, often visited on the way to Zakopane. It is worth organizing a city tour by browsing many offers for renting cars in Nowy Sącz.

A lot of visitors use this form of travel, because it allows you to save time and money, which quickly leave on vacation. We settle formalities in 15 minutes, and we get the keys to well-groomed cars, prepared for the road - safe, comfortable and clean. Sometimes a car rental company in Nowy Sacz provides a tourist guide, and even employees are glazed to give advice on what to visit. Currently, every car rental company Nowy Sącz offers vehicles equipped with car seats, an additional set of tires for unforeseen situations, therefore visiting the whole family renting cars is not risky, on the contrary, it gives extra fun - allows you to explore a luxury car, not everyone available every day.

Nowy Sącz has a fresh name, its tradition dates back to the 12th century, and has a long history, among others city ​​walls, with which the castle of King Casimir the Great was connected, constituting the main line of defense. The royal castle was severely damaged by a fire that broke out in 1611, then it was renovated to renaissance style. At that time, defensive walls and two towers were added. Important historical buildings also include the Basilica of the Holy. Małgorzata, Church of the Holy. St. Helena with the cemetery, which houses the collective tomb of the Jesuits, the White Monastery, the Gothic House that today is the Museum, or the Synagogue, which is part of the District Museum.

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