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Car Rental Olkusz

Olkusz is an interesting and historical place located ptzy the so-called the old Krakow way. On its premises there is a valuable historic building - the Basilica of the Holy. Andrew, with a richly decorated interior from the Gothic period. From this era, a presbytery has been preserved in the basilica, at which a 63-meter belfry is erected. The interest of tourists is also drawn by the tower, faithfully reflecting the character of the reign of Casimir the Great. In order to empathize with the medieval atmosphere, it is worth considering the offer for Olkusz car rental and decide to explore this city.

For tourists, an interesting tourist point will be the Africanist Museum, a remarkable attraction, one of the most interesting in the country with unique items imported from Africa. It is a real treat for all those in love with the culture of the Black Continent. You can get acquainted with African costumes, jewelery, ritual masks, musical instruments and weapons. All collections come from different regions of the black continent and are still being enlarged with further exhibits, donated by travelers.

This is not the only museum in Olkusz, which is worth seeing, because in Olkusz there are also the Regional Museum of PTTK and the Olkuska Museum of Fire Protection. Not one rental company Olkusz has many branches serving visitors, so that the car can be returned or picked up at a selected location. Therefore, one should look around the area of ​​the railway or bus station for the company offering the Rent a Car service. Our choice should mainly be based on comprehensive service. You can say that a good rental car Olkusz is one that provides not only low rental costs, but also has in its fleet of well-groomed cars of the best brands, and the rental itself takes a few moments. Certainly the additional attraction of the city is its location, because it is very easy to get from Olkusz to the impressive monuments of the Ojcowski National Park, enchanting with the amazing shapes of limestone rocks, lush green contrasting with ostańcami, chaise with kites and the climate created by laughing tourists.

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