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Car Rental Oświęcim

Oświęcim is a historic city and very popular internationally because of the history associated with the Second World War, and mainly from the tragic events that took place in the Auschwitz extermination camp in Auschwitz. The town is located in the Lesser Poland voivodship, about 50 km west of the capital of Lesser Poland - Krakow. Numerous cultural, educational and historical objects operate here. Not one rental car Oświęcim offers attractive terms of rent for a world-class car to explore the city. There is a possibility of family trips, renting a vehicle with additional equipment, including child seat, GPS navigation and other necessary accessories. Thanks to this, sightseeing becomes safe for children and comfortable for parents.

If, however, we need a cool car every day, or a few cars by going to business meetings, then car rental Oświęcim is the best solution. The most popular is short-term rental for a few-day trips. And it is worth taking advantage of and visit the Auschwitz I and Auschwitz-Birkenau II museums, which testify to the Holocaust and the symbol of Nazi crimes. The first museum is located in Oświęcim, the second in nearby Brzezinka. In order to see exhibits about the tragedy that took place behind the walls of the camp, you need to save about 3 hours.

In addition, the city has a beautiful old town with an effective market, which fills the landscape of a medieval shopping square. Once wooden, today surrounded by brick buildings with colorful tenement houses. There are now atmospheric restaurants and cafes on the market, serving delicious dishes and aromatic coffee. It is worth going there after an exhausting tour of the aforementioned Museums. When renting a car on a trip, we should be guided by the opinion whether the given car rental Oświęcim offers reasonable prices and the possibility of returning and picking up the car in a convenient place for us.

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