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Car Rental Rzeszów

Rzeszów is a beautifully renovated city in the Podkarpackie Province, at the same time it is the largest industrial, academic and cultural center of this part of Poland. Located in the mountains of the Carpathians, on the river Wisłok, it tempts tourists with the beautiful landscape of the Sandomierz Basin and the Carpathian Foothills. If you need a car for a weekend trip, or just to move from one place to another, you can rent a car literally in a quarter of an hour. Mostly every Rzeszów car rental company shortens the formalities to the minimum necessary, thanks to which we rent a good car for a day, a week or a longer period of time. Rzeszów has many monuments, which are worth seeing using the Rzeszów car rental offer.

It is a place with a rich history and long tradition, the history of the city dates back to 1354. The most interesting and the most beautiful monument is the Town Hall located on the Town Square. It is a charming building from the fifteenth century, which is the main decoration of the market square and was built as a private building by Nicholas Spytka Ligeza. The building was only taken over in the 19th century by the city, today it is a cheap seat of the city council. In the basement of the market, at a depth of up to 10 meters, there is an underground tunnel worth 369 m worth visiting. It was established at the turn of the 14th and 18th centuries, has 15 corridors and 25 basements. The route is a unique and the biggest tourist attraction.

A network of corridors was built by city residents for commercial purposes, underground stores, warehouses and production facilities, and also had a protective function during the time of danger. This extremely beautiful tunnel testifies to the creativity and resourcefulness of the former inhabitants of Rzeszów, is enriched with a historic exhibition that confirms the entrepreneurship of that population. Sometimes, the Rzeszów car rental company provides a tourist guide, and additionally, the staff is trained to provide valuable tourist advice, and is not only helpful in renting a comfortable vehicle for city tours. Rzeszów is also called a green city thanks to its beautiful parks and extensive greenery, which encourages visitors and Rzeszów residents to relax. The most interesting walking route is the path to them. The headman running along the Wisłok River. During the walk you can get acquainted with rare specimens of the fauna and flora of this region. The area around Rzeszów is also attractive for tourists. Because nearby there is the Potocki hunter's palace in Julinie and the palace in Łańcut - the most beautiful aristocratic residence in Poland.

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