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Car Rental Tarnów

Tarnów is a beautiful, historic city in the Lesser Poland province, located near Bochnia and Dębica. Tarnów is a Polish hotspot, so it's worth visiting to feel the wonderful atmosphere and see the phenomenal architectural buildings. It is thanks to them that the city is called the "Pearl of the Renaissance." It's hard to pass indifferently, without the admiration of the old town of Tarnów! To visit the city, take advantage of the Tarnow car rental offer and choose it to be satisfactory, tailored to your needs. we need a city car, a small one, whether we want to go on long trips, family, out of town. The formalities last for a few minutes, after which we get the keys to neat, comfortable cars - refueled, serviced and adapted to the prevailing weather conditions. Tarnow car rental has several branches, it gives travelers the opportunity to return and pick up the vehicle in a convenient place.Abstract offer and rental rules - we expect and require it.We also like when the staff treats us as important customers from the threshold, when the car rental Tarnow has such service standards, we do not have to worry - we will surely be satisfied. There are many monuments in Tarnów, which are the obligatory point of exploring the city, including the ruins of the castle, which stood on the top of the hill. From here there is a view of the magnificent panorama of the city, come the ruins are small, but rather extensive and convince about the importance and enormity of the building. The city itself has preserved the former spatial layout with the central location of the Market Square, it is a medieval urban layout with neighboring streets, hiding beautiful, colorful houses. Noteworthy is also the Town Hall, whose history dates back to the fifteenth century. Once a wooden object, which was rebuilt as a brick building after a fire from 1494, and the monumental Basilica of the Birth of the Virgin, towering above the Old Town.

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