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Car Rental Warszawa Airport Chopina

Chopin Airport is currently the largest airport in Poland, located in Warsaw in the district of Italy, 8 km from the city center. Traffic, charter and cargo movements take place here. It was built in 1934 as Warsaw Okęcie. In 2010, the "Terminal 1" and "Terminal 2" buildings were merged to receive one Terminal A. Another change was the transformation of the VIP Aviation Terminal into the General Aviation Terminal. It is a terminal serving passengers who fly private or corporate aircraft.

The airport has been equipped with a modern life-saving system consisting of approximately 50 defibrillators in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. The Warsaw Chopin Airport car rental is very well developed at the airport. Rent a Car service points are located in the public arrivals hall and on the mezzanine of the Terminal, among which you can find the best and largest rentals in the country. Over the year, nearly 13 million people use the terminal, which accounts for 37.6% of all travelers in domestic and international air transport. Car rental Warszawa Chopin Airport, which wants to acquire a passenger, must stand out from other rental agencies stand out not only by an attractive rental offer, but also qualified and helpful staff who provide advice and professional service. Starting the booking process from a nice lady who immediately takes care of all the formalities and ending with a comfortable car - neat and efficient.

The airports are usually used by people who care about time, which is why the car rental Warsaw Chopin Airport must efficiently meet the needs of its customers. It is also very important for the rental companies to have many service points, not only at airports but also in the vicinity of stations or shopping malls. It gives the opportunity to leave and pick up the car in a convenient place for the traveler. An interesting fact is that after 2027, civilian air traffic is to be taken over by the new Solidarity Port, located in Stanisławów, 45 km from Warsaw, which will lead to even greater development of Rent a Car services.

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