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Car Rental Warszawa airport Modlin

Warsaw Modlin Airport is an international airport located in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Flights of cheaper airlines to European cities as well as domestic flights and charter flights are serviced here. Currently, the airport is served by one airline - Ryanair, which provides regular connections to 49 European destinations. It is the second airport for the capital of Poland, located about 35 km from the center of Warsaw. It was designed in 1937 as an airport for the army of the Second Republic of Poland and so remained unused until the 1940s, when the Germans adopted them as an air base in occupied Poland.

In the following years, the Polish Air Force benefited from Modlin, treating the airport as a training base for helicopter pilots and planes. This port operated until 2010, when the civilian airport was officially registered. During the expansion and modernization, the airport has been equipped with navigation lights, a DVOR / DME system, a new runway and a terminal for passengers. From that moment, the rental of Warsaw Modlin Airport has also been very far away. The number of people traveling through Modlin is constantly growing, and over the year the port is adapted to serve up to 3 million passengers. In one day it is a number from 4 thousand. up to 7,000 serviced clients. Since the beginning of its operation, the airport has already served over 11 million visitors.

Car Rental Warsaw Modlin Airport, which wants to attract a tourist, must create the best rental conditions - the most important is the price, adapted to the quality of services, but also nice and helpful employees who will provide advice and professional service. The airports are used primarily by people who care about time, which is why not one rental car Warsaw Modlin Airport rents cars with a minimum of formalities - efficiently and comprehensively. An additional advantage is having several service points - not only at the airports, but also near stations and shopping centers.

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