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Car Rental Wieliczka

Wieliczka is a city that has a rich history and tradition, famous primarily for salt deposits. Undoubtedly, the Salt Mine is the most important sightseeing point, as it annually gathers over 1 million tourists, both from Poland and abroad. The greatest fun is for the youngest - the mine organizes underground lessons, school classes are turned into a fun tour of salt routes. Corridors deep underground are an ideal place for education, expeditions develop the imagination of students, stimulate creativity and curiosity of sightseeing, thanks to which students gain the price of knowledge through play. At the end of the underground sightseeing tasty dinners await in an inn located underground.

New to the visitors is the Young Miner program, for students over 10 years old. It is an educational journey in time, allowing the embodiment of mining art by performing various tasks. An original idea for school trips. The mine was inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List, which makes it a valuable cultural monument. The most beautiful part of the mine is the chapel of St. Kinga, thanks to her was founded as a salt mining facility. However, the mine is not the only tourist attraction that is worth seeing, to get to know the history of this place, it is worth using the offer to rent Wieliczka cars. Nowadays it is very easy to rent a good car - neat, fully functional, with sumptuous equipment, for long trips or short city rides. Not one rental car Wieliczka distinguishes itself by its high quality of service, offers transparent rental conditions, tailored to the needs of customers. Tourists expect fast and cheap formalities. Such a Wieliczka car rental is a hit. Because to visit this wonderful place also invites the Saltworks Castle, which owes its name to the owner of Saltworks. There are many historic churches for the lovers of sacral buildings and the unique Konopki Palace - currently the headquarters of the Institute of National Remembrance.

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