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Skoda Rapid - Klasa C

  • Klasa C
  • Sedan
  • 5
  • 4
  • 4
  • 2
  • Air conditioning
  • Petrol
  • Manual
  • Price per night of
  • 95 76PLNunlimited km
  • Oszczędzasz do 19PLN na dobę
  • Bail 500PLN

in price


  • Central lock
  • USB
  • Radio SD / CD

Potential hit on the Polish market, another success of Skoda, which cars in our country are accepted with great attention. One could say that Rapid is a slightly enlarged Fabia, but you can see a significant difference between the models. Sometimes the car rental classifies this model into the middle class, filling the gap between Fabia and Octavia in Skoda's offer. This is the third car of the Czech brand named in this way. Rapid is extremely attractive for a car of this segment with a very family character. Comfortable interior and plenty of space for traveling in the front and rear of the car, a huge trunk, holding many suitcases. It is characterized by very good visibility and pleasant steering, a dynamic and economical proposition for landlords. A decent 1.0 TSI 95KM 70kW petrol engine with approximately 6.3l / 100km of combustion.


1 day
180 144PLNunlimited km
2-3 days
120 96PLNunlimited km
4-7 days
110 88PLNunlimited km
8-15 days
105 84PLNunlimited km
16- days
95 76PLNunlimited km


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